English website Game n Shop in Ho Chi Minh city beta for foreign customers

Cửa hàng bán máy chơi game nShop

Dear our foreign customers, 

In the past, the old website which url nintendovn.com/shop used to have both English and Vietnamese. It's easy for foreigner who use English Lanuage. However, recently we had transfered to the new website, there were lot of things to do, so the English website has been delayed till this time.

Today, we are proud to let you know that the English website is being developed by our team. This time, we focus on translating all catalogy, contact, payment method, main product. Next time we will translate all products and game news, blog...

english video game store in ho chi minh city

So, now still beta, please send our bug if you find out to email: hotro@nintendovn.com . Hope you have a good time to shopping by English website. Our video game store on District 7 and District 10 is ready to welcome you. If you find some video game store in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam have English - Take a look!


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