Copy Game Wii

Dịch vụ chép game cho máy Nintendo Wii


With the huge number of Wii game_1000 games and 500 game Gamecube (Read more about copy Gamecube to play on Wii <Link>), nShop is proud of having fully games about content and quantity in order to supplying for all customers. We collect the number of Wii game at the time it's released until now and the quantity is non-stop to increase everyday. Wii games at nShop can be full your HDD with the best price:


10.000 VND / Game Wii, Gamecube

You can copy how much game you can, it is not limited, 1 game - 100 games is still alright.


The time to copy (average 2 minutes / game):

The quantity: 1-20 games = wait for a while to get them

The quantity: 20-100 games = leave your HDD within a half day then go back to get them

The quantity: > 100 games = receive a reciept from staff and go back tommorrow to get them


List of games :

You can choose games freely in the list of 1000 games. However, with some customers who do not have time to come by or have some reasons cannot be at shop to choose games directly (because of being in other countries, provinces, other areas except HCM city...) you can choose from the list of games below and write down the ID number:


List game Wii:



List game Gamecube:



List game file PDF to download:


List game Wii on Google Drive (File PDF)

- List Gamecube on Google Drive (File PDF)